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The Hartford Community Coalition (HCC) began in 2013 from a deep caring for, and commitment to all members of our community. Each program, volunteer, and employee reflects the integrity of our organization by uplifting and supporting our community members to maximize the well-being of our neighbors. 

HCC is a collaborative group of community members designed to support and promote the wellness of individuals and families. Our vision is for Hartford to be a supportive community where people embrace and achieve their personal, professional, emotional, and physical well-being. Our coalition acts to reduce the stigma and impact of alcohol and drug use, food insecurity and mental health in support of the development of a healthy, safe, and resilient Hartford.  


HCC - Emily Zanleoni.jpg

Emily Zanleoni


NCC Executive Director, HCCDFC Program Director

HCC - Kelly Clements.JPG

Kelly Clements

MPH Program Coordinator, HCCDFC Program Coordinator


Board Chair
Nancy Russell,
Babble-On Child Care Center


Scott Cooney,
Fire Chief,
Hartford Fire Department

Barbara Farnsworth,
Manager of Community Health Improvement,
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Scott Hausler,
Director of Parks & Recreation,
Hartford Parks & Recreation

Alanna Mayer


Life Styled, LLC

Sarah Mekos

Recover Housing, Manager and Admissions Executive Assistant

Turning Point

Sarah Lemieux,
Health Teacher,
Hartford High School

Board Vice Chair
Kathy Hemmenway,
District Director,
DCF/Family Services


Claudia Marieb,
Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant,
VT Department of Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs

Gayle Ottman,
Sales Manager,
Comfort Inn

Lisa Paquette,
Nurse Case Manager,
White River Family Practice

Janet Potter,
Student Assistance Provider,
Hartford School District

Kaylee Scott,
Hartford High School

Brad Vail,
Deputy Chief of Police, Hartford Police Department

Wendy Walsh,
Public Health Nurse II,
Vermont Department of Health

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