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Are you a HMMS or HHS student who wants to talk about mental health, substance use, and other circumstances that may be affecting students at your school? Join our Getting to Y group for the 2023-2024 school year! To join, email Kelly at or let your SAP know (Ms. Olmsted or Ms. Potter).

Getting to ‘Y’ is an evidence-based practice through which middle and high school aged youth bring meaning to their Youth Risk Behavior Survey data (YRBS), address youth health and well-being issues, and connect with their peers, school, and community. Students receive funding to implement their improvement projects. 


HHS students at their 2023 YRBS Data Analysis Retreat.

HMMS students used funding during the 2021-22 school year to address mental health concerns at their school by making the bathrooms a more positive and safe space. The group continues to maintain these spaces.


In February 2023, Hartford middle school students held a Community Dialogue night with parents, community members, and school staff to discuss their findings and other areas of future improvement.

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