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Emily Zanleoni


NCC Executive Director, HCCDFC Program Director

Emily has been the Executive Director since 2020, when HCC received our Federal funding through a Drug-Free Communities Grant. Previous to 2020, Em was a member on the HCC Board for about 6 years and was the lead organizer of the Annual Block Party.

FROM EMILY:I care deeply about my community and especially our kids. I had been working in early prevention and intervention as a mental health provider embedded in a local high school and moving to community prevention seemed like a logical next/side-step.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to be able to support our schools, businesses and organizations toward the cause of creating a more healthy resilient Hartford. I do feel like I make a difference with the work HCC does and that really means something to me. 

I hope HCC continues to thrive and grow and that our schools, community members, businesses and local organizations will continue to include HCC as we build a more stable, resilient and graceful community.  
In my life outside of HCC, I’m a mom and a wife and those things take time! But I also enjoy gigging with my acoustic guitar player Nat Williams, mowing the law (I know, weird, right!?), and sleeping (we all don’t get enough!)

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Kelly Clements

MPH Program Coordinator, HCCDFC Program Coordinator

Kelly has been the Program Coordinator since January 2021. 

FROM KELLY:I wanted to transition to a more community-based, hands-on public health role with a direct positive impact on those served. I also wanted to work with like-minded, fun people and partners. HCC has checked all of the boxes!

It has been wonderful to see Hartford’s town leaders go above and beyond for the well-being of the community. Talking with youth, parents, and other adults at our summer events and meal distribution sites has been a meaningful way to connect and hopefully make someone’s day better.

I am excited to see HCC and TABOOH grow and evolve to serve even more of our community. We hope to engage the Hartford High School prevention group students in person this year and support their work, in addition to more in-person events and trainings.

I enjoy gardening, tending our chickens, spending time on the coast of Maine in the summer and skate skiing in the winter! I also enjoy volunteering for Willing Hands.

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Kevin Leduc

Summer Program Driver 

Take A Bite Out of Hunger

Kevin is our Summer Program Driver. During the School year, Kevin is a School Bus Driver and a Paraeducator for the Lebanon School District.

FROM KEVIN: I realize there are a lot of people going hungry and kids dealing with food insecurity here in the Upper Valley. I am happy to be part of a program that is trying to meet this need in our community.

My favorite part of this program is the smiling faces on the kids as they come up to get their meals. They are truly happy we are there everyday. The other thing that has been very meaningful to me is the great volunteers that have come to help out and give back to their community. They have been awesome!

I hope TABOOH can continue to feed our young kids in the community and also continue to collaborate with other organizations to meet the adult population that is dealing with food insecurity.

My favorite thing to do in my free time is spend it with my family. We like to camp. I also enjoy taking my motorcycle for a ride. A hobby of mine is working on motorcycles and small engines. Hopefully someday I will turn that hobby into a business.

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Cassandra North

Summer Volunteer Coordinator

Take A Bite Out of Hunger

Cassandra is our Summer Volunteer Coordinator. During the School year, Cass is a Spanish teacher at Hartford High School.

FROM CASS: Food insecurity is something I am passionate about. I want to help however I can to make sure that our community members have access to food.
I love getting to know the volunteers and hearing about their “other lives” and hearing why they devote their time to our program (and tons of other programs in the area)! I learn something new everyday!

I hope that people continue to spread the word so that more people volunteer and access the program. At some point I would love if the program didn’t need to exist, but I’m so thankful that while the need exists, so does TABOOH.
I love to dance (most recently ballroom or choreographing the HMMS musical), travel, or hanging out by a body of water.